Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts on #Run3rd

If you read my Princess Half Marathon (PHM) recap, you will recall I mentioned a group called #Run3rd. Not sure really if you would call it a group, I guess it's more of a TEAM. I've actually been thinking a lot about them lately. I basically knew what it was, and what they were about, because of a fellow Pacebook Run Club (PbRc) team member Tony. He is also a team leader for Team #run3rd. From what I gathered, it was pretty much like what my Run4Life stands for. Running for you & Running for others. I never really thought to take a look at it any further than that. .

However, as God always does, he laid it on my heart pretty heavily lately to learn more about this group and where it came from. What I'm about to tell you is my take on the Team, and only that, what I know and think about them. If you want to look into Team #run3rd further, then I urge you to please check them out at: http://run3rd.blogspot.com .

Ok, so what I know now is that it was initiated by Sean Astin. It began as an inspirational campaign on Twitter, and is like an invitation to anyone regardless of their gender, age, beliefs, background, and faith, to honor other threw running  The 3 keys are 1st that you run for yourself, 2nd for your Family, and then 3rd for someone else.

So to back up a bit, I first heard about #run3rd on the PbRc FB page. As I said Tony our co-founder was also a team leader for Team #Run3rd. I saw lots of post and mention of them, but just thought it was another running club that he was involved in. Mind you, I was not on Twitter at this point, and I really had no idea what the whole hash tag thing was about. After much convincing from my fellow PbRc er's , I finally took the Twitter plunge. One day when I was exploring those little hash tag words I clicked on #Run3rd. I started learning a little bit more about #run3rd, but after that day I really didn't look into it anymore. I kinda just thought hey how cool, it's pretty much the same theory as my Run4Life. Dedicating your running to others.

Then came the PHM weekend. We are all meeting up for a PbRc team photo and chicken Dance practice (don't ask). One of my friends is excited that Sean Astin might come over and talk to us. Slow little me leans over and says "Do you mean Sean Astin as in Mikey from the Goonies & Daniel from Ruby and was in White Water Summer and Boy Meets Girl?" My friend then looks at me like I had two heads and says "well, Goonies yes, and Lord of the Rings, ya know Sam?!"  My response was " Really ?" She then looks at me like I was the only person on the face of the earth that did not know he was in Lord or the Rings. To be honest You are probably right I am. Then she says "Yeah and the founder of #run3rd". SLAM the head again I had NO clue. I can be a little slow at times. Even though I work for a movie theatre I have never watched LOTR and had no clue he was in it. I knew him from the before mentioned films and the fact that he was the voice on Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and in TV movies like the Rules of Marriage.

OK, anyways, I'm standing there going OMG...Sean Astin might say hi to us. I suddenly got a little nervous. Which is weird for me. Remember I work for a movie theatre, I have done film premieres with John Travolta and Ray Park, Leonard Nimoy, and other actors. I've done this one on one and never gone all fan girls on any of them. And I LOVE Ray Park!!! Why is this different??  Because we are talking about Sean Astin here. My first celebrity crush when I was 12 years old and first watched him in Rules of Marriage. Ok, You get the point I'm sure. I was a little excited to learn that he might show up. And he DID!!! Now I was a good girl and didn't even run up to him, I admired him from a far, and listened to what he had to say to us, and then he was gone. Ahhh, fan girl done!

Ok, so back to #run3rd. So even after finding out Sean had something to do with #run3rd, I still didn't think much about looking into more of what it was all about till last week. I was writing my blog post for the PHM Recap and for the next 2 days after that, it's all I could think about. Was it really simular to my Run4Life journey? How was Sean involved with it? Why has it become so big?

I learned that it's so much more than Run4life. Run4Life is a personal thing for me. It's all about my journey and how running saved my life from depression and cancer. How I choose now to give back through the one thing that put meaning back into my life. "RUNNING"

#Run3rd is more of a movement, about so many people like me that have found running as way to honor those around them. A chance to dedicate each and every mile to someone they know or a cause they love. A way to share that love across the social media with that little hash tag thingy attached. It may have been initiated by Sean Astin, and he may be the driving force behind it, but it is about so much more than him, and about so much more than me. It's about all of us and all those we love.

Till next time my friends

Run for YOU, Run for fun, Run4Life

PBRC with Sean Astin front and center hold his #Run3rd Sign.

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